College Tuition Rising, Spring 2020
Almost everyone experiences stress to some extent, and college students are certainly no exception. It’s known that college is a time where stress is presented every day and that the new amount of responsibility can be overwhelming. Many students report dealing with varying levels of stress throughout college for a number of different reasons. From college itself, plus homework, deadlines, family, work, finances, and over all with life, stress affects students’ physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. From research and collective data, STRESS: College Edition represents and acknowledges the scope and severity of stress that college students experience. While it provides information, it also attempts to offer help for students to cope.

In the installation College Tuition Rising, it represents the increase of tuition from 2000 to 2020. The constant worrying about affordance makes finances the most common stressor among college students. Looking how the bar graph is getting higher and higher informs the viewer of how higher education is becoming more unreachable to students by the year. Its either causing them to stress or causing them to miss a year or so of school because they aren’t able to afford it.

Inner Tensions, Spring 2020
In Inner Tensions magazine, it represents some aspects of college stress. From talking about the stressor, itself, to the psychological effects, to the different types of stress and to some coping methods. This magazine is to inform readers a deeper meaning behind stress other than the common rapid heartrate feeling. From research collected and by using photography, facts, and quotes, it all helps to acknowledge that college is a time where stress can cause significant damage to a student.

Relax & Reflect, Spring 2020
In Relax & Reflect kit, it represents de stressing. Sometimes students need a reminder that stress isn’t forever. This card kit contains imagery created by multiple found images developed in Photoshop and reassuring words, quotes, and light humorous words from research and collected data from college students themselves. Essentially, these cards are like a first aid kit to reducing stress.